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Covering Your Walls, not Your Wallets

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It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to the inside of your home. Our team of experienced interior painters have the eye, the equipment and the skills to do the job, the first time. Do you need help with color selection? No problem… We can set a time to meet with you, do a complete review and discuss the latest in interior paint color options. At Painters Plus, our focus is the turn your house into a home that is inviting and comfortable.


In business we get it! You only have one first impression and it is important to look sharp and professional. Yes, color does play a role in setting the tone for a productive office environment. So does the type of paint that is used. Painters Plus uses quality paint that is designed for high traffic areas, offices, lobbies, hallways and break rooms. And we can complete a project after hours so that it will not effect your internal productivity.


You know who you are… Looking to flip a real estate investment can go one of two ways. Often that is determined by the first impression when a prospective buyer or long term tenant is seeing the property for the first time. Painting your investment property with a Painters Plus team could be the difference in getting an offer or not. We understand the need to perform quickly and at or under budget. There is no cost to learn more about our professional renovation services. We can and have made a difference for several investors. Call Us today to learn more.

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